Completed Units in Word Info and Get Words Sites That Have Been Enhanced and Upgraded

(all of the enhanced units present parts of speeches (when applicable), have definitions for word entries, and clarifying sentences in context)

Greek: war, warlike, pertaining to war; battle; in this unit.
Latin: thumb; big toe; in this unit.
pon-, posit-, pos-, -poning, -poned, -ponency, -ponent, -ponement, -pound
Latin: to place, to put, to set; placement, positioning; in this unit.
pond-, -pond
Latin: weight, weigh; heavy; to consider, to think about; closely related to pendere, "to weigh"; in this unit.
Greek: door, gate, entrance; harbor; in this unit.
port-, portat-
Latin: carry, bring, bear; in this unit.
Latin: crooked, crookedness; perverted, vicious, wicked; borrowed through Old French depraver or directly from Latin depravare, "to corrupt"; from de, "completely" + pravus, "crooked"; in this unit.
prim-, primi-, primo-
Latin: first, chief, foremost; of first rank; in this unit.
Greek > Latin: convert; stranger, one who has come over; to come to; to surrender; to associate with; in this unit.
prosth-, prosthe-, prosthet-, prostheto-
Greek > Latin: an addition; to put to, add to, to place; in this unit.
ptocho-, ptoch-
Greek: a person who crouches; than extended to a beggar, poor; paupers; modernized meanings: street people, homeless, living in poverty in this unit.
Latin: clean, cleanse, purify; in this unit.
quer-, quarr-
Latin: complain, complaint, full of complaints; lack of satisfaction; lament, cry of sorrow and grief; in this unit.
quir-, quisit-, quis-, que-, quer-, quest-, -quirement, -quirable, -quisition, -quisitive
Latin: to ask, to seek; in this unit.
rap-, rav-
Latin: tearing away, seizing, swift, rapid; snatch away, seize, carry off; from Latin rapere, "to seize by force and to carry off"; in this unit.

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