Completed Units in Word Info and Get Words Sites That Have Been Enhanced and Upgraded

(all of the enhanced units present parts of speeches (when applicable), have definitions for word entries, and clarifying sentences in context)

misce-, misc-
Latin: mix, mingle; in this unit.
miso-, mis-, -misia
Greek: hate, hater; in this unit.
Latin: wall; in this unit.
muro-, mur-, muri-
Latin: mouse, mice; in this unit.
neci-, nici-
Latin: death, kill, deadly, murderous, destructive; in this unit.
nido-, nid-, nidi-, nidu-
Latin: nest; from nidificare or nidulari, "to nest"; in this unit.
norm-, normo-
Latin: rule, pattern; normalis, "right angled, made according to a carpenter's square"; then, "conforming to common standards, usual" came into English usage in about 1828; in this unit.
nosocome-, nosocom-, nosokome-, noskom-
Greek: hospital, infirmary; place for treatment of diseases; in this unit.
nounc-, nunci-, nunti-
Latin: messenger, message; make known, announce; in this unit.
numer-, number-
Latin: distribution; to count, to reckon; in this unit.
nutri-, nutrit-
Latin: nutrire; to nourish, to feed, to nurse, to foster, to support, to preserve; in this unit.
Latin: dark, dusky; indistinct, uncertain; unintelligible; in this unit.
ombro-, ombr-
Greek: rain, rainstorm; showers of rain; in this unit.
Latin: foreboding; augury; anything perceived or happening that is believed to portend or to indicate that something is going to happen which may be a good or an evil eve; in this unit.
Greek: sell, for sale; by extension, buy, purchase, pay for, invest money into; in this unit.

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