Completed Units in Word Info and Get Words Sites That Have Been Enhanced and Upgraded

(all of the enhanced units present parts of speeches (when applicable), have definitions for word entries, and clarifying sentences in context)

Latin: sound; pure, clean, whole, genuine, untainted; in this unit.
-sion, -sions
Latin: a suffix found at the end of some words that make certain verbs become nouns.
sola-, sol-
Latin: comfort, encourage, cheer; in this unit.
-stalsis, -staltic (suffix)
Greek: contraction; to gather, to constrict; in this unit.
Latin: to demand a formal promise, to bargain; to arrive an an agreement; to compromise; in this unit.
Latin: brisk, active, vigorous, energetic; great effort, requiring much energy, arduous; in this unit.
Latin: vex, weary; boring; irksome; dull, dreary; monotonous; in this unit.
tempo-, tempor-, temp-
Latin: time, occasion; in this unit.
tentacu-, tentac-
Late Latin: feeler, to feel, to try; in this unit.
term-, termin-
Latin: end, last, final, boundary; in this unit.
theat-, theatr-
Greek > Latin: place for seeing dramas or shows; in this unit.
tipho-, tiph-, tiphi-, -tiph
Greek: standing water, pool, pond, marsh, swamp; in this unit.
titano-, titan-
Greek > Latin: any person or something of enormous size or power; in this unit.
toll-, tol-
Latin: to lift up, to raise; in this unit.
Tongue Idioms
Greek > Latin: a peculiarity in language or special presentations; in this unit.

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