Completed Units in Word Info and Get Words Sites That Have Been Enhanced and Upgraded

(all of the enhanced units present parts of speeches (when applicable), have definitions for word entries, and clarifying sentences in context)

Latin: jest; witty; in this unit.
fals-, fall-
Latin: deception, untrue, incorrect; deceiving; contrary to truth and fact; in this unit.
Latin: servant, domestic, household; members of a group; close relationships; in this unit.
feli-, felin-, felino-
Latin: cat, cats; in this unit.
-fer, -ferous
Latin: to bear, to carry; to produce; to bring; in this unit.
ferment-, fermento-
Latin: yeast; substance containing enzymes that break down carbohydrates; from the Latin root of fervere, "to boil, to seethe"; in this unit.
flacc-, flacci-
Latin: flabby, limp, weak, drooping; in this unit.
Latin: fire; burn, blaze; in this unit.
(Old English: a prefix meaning before in place, rank, or time; in this unit.
Latin: formido, "terror"; causing fear, terrible; to dread, to fear; in this unit.
fortu-, fortun-
Latin: chance, fate, luck; in this unit.
fur-, furi-
Latin: to rage, to be mad [insane with anger]; and by extension: enthusiasm, passion; in this unit.
Latin: steal, pilfer; thievish, kleptomania; in this unit.
furcat-, furca-
Latin: fork, diverge, angle, split into two parts or branches; in this unit.
-fute, -futable
Latin: to strike down, to hit; to challenge, to prove, to refuse, to reject; in this unit.

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